I like to call them goals {it is a New Year} – our.kitchen
I like to call them goals {it is a New Year}

The older I have gotten, the more excited I am for the New Year. I love the fresh perspective that a new year provides and enjoy thinking about what I would like to accomplish this year. I wanted to share a few of my personal goals – food related and otherwise.


In no particular order…

  1. Read 30 books in 2018 – I would love to read a book a week but I also know I need to be realistic with what I could actually accomplish. First up on my list are Big Magic and America’s First Daughter. This one also is on my mind for 2018 – I love what the author has to say about raising kids.
  2. Perfect my sourdough bread – I worked hard on this one in 2017, but there are still some tweaks to be made. I received some bread proofing baskets for Christmas and can’t wait to use them.
  3. Make more “gourmet” meals with ingredients I am not used to purchasing or cooking with – I love eating unique flavors and unlikely combinations, but find them intimidating to cook. 2018 is the year of perfecting a few fancier dishes.
  4. Eat more meatless dinners – With a husband who is a never ending eating machine, I feel like I can’t fill him up without meat in our meals (which I KNOW is not true). This year, I would like to cook one dinner a week that is entirely free of meat, but also filling and delicious.
  5. Grow my web design and development business – Much of 2017 was spent learning and practicing but I am kicking off 2018 ready to spread my wings and expand my client base.
  6. Get stronger! –  I am and always have been an active person. In 2017, I spent a lot less time running, and a lot more time lifting weights at the gym. I have gotten into a routine that I really like and now want to expand on that routine in 2018. I want to start pushing myself more when it comes to working out, the weights I use, and the difficulty of exercises that I complete (e.g., pull ups).
  7. Get back into piano – My parents have had two pianos at their house for the past several years (one of them was ours growing up, the other was our grandparents). David coordinated with them to get one of the pianos to our house so I could play again. I took lessons all growing up but I am very VERY rusty. This year I want to get back to it, learn some new songs, relearn some old songs, and perhaps even take lessons again.

I love reading about all of the exciting, and difficult things that everyone is working on in 2018. Comment below what your goals are!


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