Iceland {can we go back already???} –
Iceland {can we go back already???}

If you enjoy traveling (even a little bit) and don’t live under a rock, you probably have heard but the relatively inexpensive flights to Iceland on airlines, such as WOW Air. The cheap flights combined with an evening of wine with friends, resulted in tickets booked for four to Iceland last March. David and I have been lucky to travel to many places – throughout Europe, Thailand, the Caribbean, and all around the U.S., and after our trip to Iceland, we both agreed it was in the top few (if not the top) of our favorite places we have travelled. We LOVED the trip! It was beautiful, there was so much variety in the landscape and natural scenery. It was easy to get around with well marked roads, and everyone spoke english if we needed to ask directions. I appreciate the independent attitudes and  self-sufficient lifestyles of the people, and if you hate all of that – hot springs. everywhere.

I wanted to share some of the pictures of our trip. We rented a car (the trusty Duster) and travelled the ring road (the road that circles around the country) going counter-clockwise. We stayed in Airbnbs, and had a rough plan of what we wanted to see, but didn’t plan too much to allow a lot of of pulling off to the side of the road to take pictures, pet the wild horses, or hike to lesser known hot springs. We did what we could to avoid crowds of tourists and at times truly felt like we were on top of the world. If you are considering a trip – just go. Rent a car and explore the country. Share expenses with others if you can, but however you can make it work – go visit. Here are some of my favorite pictures from our trip if you would like to see.

We travelled with some of our best friends (Ted and Caryn), all four of us have been friends since college and it was way awesome to be able explore Iceland together.



This little village in the East Fjords was quiet, and colorful and with only one road in and out of the town, and sandwiched between the mountains and the ocean, we all agreed that Seyðisfjörður was the perfect place to hide out from the zombie apocalypse.


We hiked down to the Hvítserkur rock formation, and what a site! Pictures can’t depict how cool this rock mountain looked sticking out of the water with the most beautiful colors in the sky and ocean as a backdrop.



The ocean and the mountains meeting… seriously this place is a dream.


Truly it felt like we were on top of the world!



A southern beach with icebergs – they were the prettiest shades of blue with varying textures and forms, and unlike anything I have every seen before.

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Iceland is not lacking in waterfalls, this one was one of the larger ones.


David got a drone before this trip and seeing pictures from this viewpoint provided such a unique perspective – after seeing his footage and pictures I cared slightly less about the expense of his quarter life crisis purchase.



Iceland had a bit of everything from glaciers, to waterfalls, to mountains, to beaches – here we walked along the black sand beaches with cliffs that jutted into the ocean, where we watched the sun go down and felt such gratitude to be able to explore this place.



We went hunting for northern lights nearly every night and we were so lucky to see them four of the nights we were there. We spent hours in the cold in awe of the colors, the dancing lights and witnessing something that we don’t get to enjoy back in Detroit.



The cutest little fishing village – the colors on all those boats (AHHHH!)




The Myvatn Nature Baths – some call this the northern version of the Blue Lagoon. We spent nearly 4 hours wading around in the bath temperature water, enjoying some Icelandic beer and chatting with fellow travelers.


Soaking up the sun rays while looking out over the world.




The obligatory jumping picture…BUT on top of a glacier!


Our primary goal at the end of each day was to find a hot springs to lounge in, this particular one barely fit the four of us but we managed to get cozy and cheers to one of our first days on this trip, while watching the sun go down behind the mountains.


We visited the ice caves in the glacier, which was an awesome experience to learn the history behind the glacier and it’s impact on the formation of Iceland. Additionally, lots of education on the how the glacier is receding and the impact global warming is having. Oh and the colors weren’t bad either!

381A1283 2

Pretty much the uniform for this trip – long underwear (x2), snowpants, winter jacket, hats, gloves, and sunglasses




Travel Tip: if you would like to enjoy beverages of the alcoholic variety, stock up at the airport. We did this and were so thankful we did as prices were drastically more expensive outside of duty free.



We spent one night in Reykjavík – a nice change to actually eat at a restaurant and see what life is like for majority of Icelanders.


If Iceland wasn’t already on your bucket list, I encourage you to add it! It wasn’t on mine until that fateful night we purchased the tickets, but I am thankful we got the chance to visit and am already thinking about when we can go back.

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